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TENNESSEE MALE Records: 100 Km     (View 1 certified 100 Km races in Tennessee...)
This State/Age/Sex division was last updated 2/22/2017 2:21:58 PM
Overall TN State Record: 09:22:15.0 set on 12/31/2016 by RON WIREMAN, Age 35
  Age Time Name DOB Hometown Race Location Race Date
  51 20:10:22.0 BRAD WATSON    ON FILE OAK RIDGE ALCOA 12/31/2016
  45 12:54:41.0 JASON LOYD    ON FILE BRENTWOOD ALCOA 12/31/2016
  39 12:44:47.0 JASON TIPTON    ON FILE KINGSPORT ALCOA 12/31/2016
  60 15:59:02.0 MICHAEL WOOD    ON FILE ROCKFORD ALCOA 12/31/2016
  35 09:22:15.0 RON WIREMAN    ON FILE KNOXVLLE ALCOA 12/31/2016
  41 15:35:36.0 STEVE HALE    ON FILE CEDAR HILL ALCOA 12/31/2016
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